The problem of seasonality: rural economic cycles in Tanzania

The problem we can call seasonality is not hard to notice in Tanzania, and most actors in the field of national economic development are quite aware of it. Tanzania by no means is unique in this issue. It is described in 9 points here:

  1. Since the main rural economic activity in Tanzania is agriculture, it is not a surprise therefore that rural economic vitality depends heavily on a good agricultural economy (i.e.

CAMARTEC: Directly Addressing Technological R&D Challenges in Tanzania

CAMARTEC is one of those Tanzanian organizations that immediately captured my attention as soon as I heard about in 2013, in my first visit to Tanzania. Eventually I was able to visit its headquarters, in Arusha, and meet and speak some of its staff who, over time, became friends and acquaintances. They showed me around the place (the workshops, the exhibition of products, the offices and departments, and the in-house bio-gas project).… More

The Nane-Nane Fair

Nane-Nane means ‘Eight, Eight’ in Swahili. The date is reserved as ‘farmers’ day’ in Tanzanian calendar, a national holiday to recognize the importance of farmers to Tanzania’s national economy and development. While it is only one day itself, it is accompanied by a one-week fair in the form of agricultural exhibition. The fair is held by multiple zones (e.g. Northern Zone, Lake Zone, Eastern Zone, Southern Zone, etc.)… More