Individual over Society

The argument that ‘society is more important than the individual’ is the pillar of fascism, and it was earlier promoted by people like Mussolini and Stalin. Yet, it is a widely shared conclusion by different people of different backgrounds and ideologies. This argument starts by drawing a clear dichotomy of ‘society vs. individuals’ (which is not realistic) and then argues for the favor of society using certain cultural sentiments (such as dress codes, family structures, and specific religious believes). … More

Options of Life – Options on Life

Option 1: Life is an intelligent force. It is aware of itself and surroundings. It has purpose and methods and it can reveal them upon investigation. Therefore we, as products of that intelligent force, express it and perceive it intelligently. Thus we are capable of being in charge and in concert with that purpose and method. We can literally rule our destiny.

Option 2: Life is not an intelligent force.… More