What is Oppression?

Oppression is a word that gets thrown around everywhere these days – sometimes reasonably, sometimes not. People with a basic sense of decency all over the world agree that oppression is wrong and inhumane. Further, they would agree that oppression should be eliminated from human societies. Yet, if we do not have a clear standard definition, upon which we can measure the existence and non-existence of oppression, how can we eliminate it?… More

What is Racism?

There are good reasons to define racism. Some people may already know the common definition, and assume it is obvious, and some others are clearly guilty of it but simultaneously claim they are not racist. Generally speaking, people in our age do not want to be labeled as racist, or having racist perceptions, so you will find many who will define racism within comfortable parameters and boundaries that exclude them. … More

Azania, Mandela, and the non-Hollywood Story

Last week, I posted this status on my facebook wall:

  1. What does Nelson Mandela represent to you?
  2. In a few words, can you summarize Mandela’s role in the anti-apartheid struggle, and post-apartheid conditions, in Azania* (South Africa)?
  3. What are your sources of information about this story?
    Everyone is invited to provide their answers to the questions above.”

The reason that made me think of asking these questions is the disparity I was seeing, on my facebook live feed, in opinions about the ailing Mandela.… More

Garang: The Pan-Africanist

For a long time, we heard much about John Garang de Mabior the politician and the armed rebellion leader. Little have we heard, however, in the conventional Sudanese media sources, about Garang the scholar of Economic Development and the national visionary, or Garang the pan-Africanist. This article attempts to give some glances of the pan-Africanist side of the man (as last week’s article highlighted his vision of economic development and national building).… More

Nafeer: Leadership Demystified

“Each generation must discover its mission, fulfill it or betray it, in relative opacity.”
Frantz Fanon (1961, The Wretched of the Earth)

“Any individual or group that would aspire to lead society must be ready to pay the costs of leadership: to accept the responsibility, to suffer calumny, to surrender security, to risk both reputation and fortune. If this price, or some important part of it, is not being paid, then the chances are that the claim to leadership is fraudulent.


Something about Sobukwe

A few months ago, my wife and I visited Robben Island in South Africa. The island is less than 7 kilometers away from the coast of Cape Town, and is only about 5 square kilometer in area. Its fame comes from being the notorious prison island where the racist apartheid system used to hold political prisoners. The most famous person who has been held in that prison island for over a decade is Nelson Mandela, who later became the first president of a democratic South Africa.… More