What is Oppression?

Oppression is a word that gets thrown around everywhere these days – sometimes reasonably, sometimes not. People with a basic sense of decency all over the world agree that oppression is wrong and inhumane. Further, they would agree that oppression should be eliminated from human societies. Yet, if we do not have a clear standard definition, upon which we can measure the existence and non-existence of oppression, how can we eliminate it?… More

What is Racism?

There are good reasons to define racism. Some people may already know the common definition, and assume it is obvious, and some others are clearly guilty of it but simultaneously claim they are not racist. Generally speaking, people in our age do not want to be labeled as racist, or having racist perceptions, so you will find many who will define racism within comfortable parameters and boundaries that exclude them. … More

Wealthy, Literate, Religious Fanatics: More than you hoped

A common, empathetic argument that claims to make sense of why a good number of seemingly benign, literate young minds from middle and upper-middle class households, from different parts of the world, end up sympathizing with fanatic violent Islamic groups, such as ‘the Islamic Khalifate State’ (also called Daesh) and Al-Qaeda, and sometimes becoming recruits for them. The argument can be summarized like this: look to the causes of socioeconomic dispossession and political oppression that these young minds were exposed to, first-hand or second-hand (i.e.… More