The Market is alright; but not the Market Economy

I am no fan the market economy, and I have been so for many years. However in the last few years, with more learning and understanding, I came to the conclusion that, while still no fan of the market economy, I don’t have an ideological problem with the market.

What applies to the market economy, as an economic system, does not necessarily apply to the market itself as an economic phenomenon (a single institution).… More

On Voting

Voting does not change the power structures in any given society. This is a general rule. The powers-that-be are typically so entrenched in the economic and political strata, as well as the mainstream culture, that the act of casting a ballot would not be able to remove them from rule, change hierarchies, and transform the big picture. There may be exceptions, you say?… More

The Intellectual Needs Society

There is no doubt, of course, that the knowledge which has been acquired at schools and higher educational institutions can be used almost exclusively for personal gain, with benefit to the society being a mere by-product. Indeed, it sometimes seems that we have organized our societies on this basis, as the temptation of the highest wages is so often connected with the least socially useful occupations.


A short note on modern veganism

I think that plant-based diets are the wave of the future. They are simply more ethical and sustainable because they are less harmful to fellow earthlings and the ecosystem (but not totally, neutrally harmless, which is not even possible for any biological life on earth). I do not think that non-plant-based diets and animal product consumption of all kind will ultimately disappear, but they shall be significantly minimized. … More